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Expert appraising

Your challenges

Securing the value of capital contributions

Reinforcing/gaining the confidence of investors and your partners

Our strengths

Efficient sector methodology

Pragmatism and proactivity

Our support

Expert appraising (Le commissariat aux apports) is a regulatory mission established to protect the interests of shareholders and third parties. The expert appraiser assesses the value of in-kind contributions during the creation, capital increase or merger of the company.

Our expertise in evaluation and our pragmatic approach are the strengths of our offer. From reviewing the file to writing the report along with going through all of the steps of verification, our team adapts its work to ensure the protection of third parties while highlighting the issues and the situation of the proposed operation.


Expert appraising

Audit of movable or immovable of contributions from private assets

Expert appraising

Audit of contributions of corporate assets and liabilities related to investor relations

Merger audit

Change of Corporate Form Audit

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