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Whether it is a start-up awaiting financing for its launch or an SME looking for grants for its development projects, we know how to meet the needs of our customers.

Based on the identified objectives, we assist our clients to optimize their development projects by identifying the best levers and by assisting in their implementation.


As part of supporting the development of the export sector and progressive positioning of the kingdom in several strategic markets, the Minister Delegate in charge of Foreign Trade has set up the program of export growth contracts consisting in supporting companies. Moroccan exporters, or those committing to become one, in the implementation of their export growth projects.


This program constitutes a financial support intended, on the basis of a call for expressions of interest, to provide state support to Moroccan companies with an ambitious export business plan for the implementation of said plan.


It is implemented through State-Company growth contracts for a period of 3 years and consists of taking charge of certain marketing and commercialization actions aimed at foreign markets for the export development of beneficiary companies, according to the financing methods and eligibility criteria of the program.


The annual amount of support increases according to the additional export turnover achieved by the company up to a limit of MAD 5 million.


This support is granted on the basis of the achievement, by the beneficiary company, of its action plan relating to its export development project.


You wish to join this program and benefit from this financial support, our consultants will assist you in the realization of your business plan and in the submission of your application file to the ministry.

As part of the deployment of the National Pact for Industrial Emergence, IMTIAZ is a program that was launched by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies and implemented by MAROC PME with the support of partner banks. This program aims to support industrial companies with high growth potential and development projects through granting an investment bonus in order to allow these companies to develop.


The main purpose of the IMTIAZ program is to support industrial SMEs working around industrial sectors in the development of their technical and human resources, through an investment bonus up to 20% of the overall cost for the realization of the project. This amount is capped at 5 million dirhams tax included. This proportion could be increased to 30% if the investment has an environmental impact.



You are an SME operating in the industrial sector, you have an investment project, and you wish to benefit from this grant. Through their experience in this area, our consultants will support you throughout your project for the purpose of obtaining your investment bonus.

Companies that commit to make an investment for an amount equal to or greater than 100 million dirhams, as part of agreement to be concluded with the government, benefit from the exemption of the import duty on goods of equipment, materials and tools, imported directly by these companies or on their behalf, necessary for the realization of their project. This exemption also concerns VAT on the importation of capital goods, materials and tools for 36 months from the start of the company's activity.


The investment must be made within 36 months of the date of signing of the aforementioned agreement.


If you are planning to make a first investment, or an additional investment in order to stimulate the growth of your business, and you wish to benefit from a financial contribution within the framework of an agreement with the State, you will need professionals support, experienced and able to respond to your needs.


In order to be able to provide you with the best possible support in your investment projects and to create a favorable working climate, our consultants assist you and provide you multidisciplinary expertise based on common and homogeneous strategy, in order to guarantee efficient and productive support.

The CFC Status is a label giving attractive package of advantages. These benefits include Doing Business facilitations including administrative facilities and fluidity of people & capital, access to a community of active members and the possibility of benefiting from relevant information on Africa.


The institutional frame of CFC is in continuous adaptation in order to meet the needs of members of the CFC community and to guarantee he most competitive offer that promotes and facilitates their activities in the region of North, West and Central Africa regions.


Thanks to the technical excellence of our team and the significant involvement of our partners, we are able to guarantee efficient and technical support from the moment you submit your file to the CFC commission chaired by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance to status obtaining.

Created by “Caisse Centrale de Gestion”, an institutional organism that promote investment, MEZZANINE PME is an intermediate financing program between bank credit and equity investments whose main mission is to promote investment, and strengthen the financing of investment-related needs and working capital with SMEs.


Companies operating in the industry sector, services related to industry or achieving 20% of their turnover from exports for the last financial year, potentially viable companies but suffering from undercapitalization, without that being in restructuring or in judicial liquidation, could benefit from MEZZANINE PME financial support program, from a subordinated loan capped at MAD 10 million, without being greater than share capital, for a period of 10 years, and without any guarantee to be provided in return.


MEZZANINE PME is intended to finance investment-related needs, and working capital through an intermediary financing between bank credit and equity investments.


Our team, with its acquired expertise and experience throughout our years of operating in the field, is competent enough to assist you in a pragmatic way during the entire process of getting MEZZANINE financing necessary for the realization of your investments.


The expertise and experience acquired throughout its existence, allow our consultants to assist you in a pragmatic way during the entire process of getting MEZZANINE financing necessary for the realization of your investments

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