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Tax returns management

Your challenges

Ensuring compliance with tax rules

Benefiting from recommendations on taxation

Our strengths

An experienced and pragmatic team

A risk-based approach

A scalable, flexible and non-binding offer

Advising on your current taxation

Our support

In a regulatory environment that is both complex and changing, and in a context of pressure on the costs of support functions, our teams support you in order to:

• Ensure the proper application of the tax and social regulations of your organization.
• And to guarantee compliance with your legal obligations and tax and social declarations within the time limits prescribed by law.

In the scope of the obligatory mission of managing tax returns, our team carries out all the tax declarations required by your business activity including VAT, IS, IR, tax return, professional tax, annual declaration of fees, declaration of withholding taxes, ect.


Management of current tax returns

Review of current tax returns

Management of current exchanges with the tax authorities

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